About Asper  

It's a management consulting company that supports businesses,  institutions and governments to research, design and deliver market systems and inclusive business solutions, leverage ressources and attract investors. We aim to bring about long lasting changes to the communities and businesses with whom we engage. Asper Consulting Ltd. was registered in Hong Kong in 2016 and Asper Myanmar Ltd was registered in Myanmar in 2019. 
Asper Consulting provides systemic bespoke solutions for the private and public sector to address the need of the 4.5 billion people living at the bottom of the pyramid.  
Asper was created in 2014 on the premises that inclusive business models should be the drivers of tomorrow's systemic change to address one of the most pressing need of humanity: the better distribution and optimisation of ressources between people for the benefit of all beings and the environment. 
Talking to us is free! Contact us for a 30 min free consultation. If you decided to work with Asper the fees involved depend on your budget and the scope of work. We mostly work on time and material contracts, lump sum contracts as well as commissions. 
We know it important for you to know your service provider and to do your due diligence before working with a new organisation. We would be happy to provide you with the contact details of previous clients so that you check what they say about us. We can also provide you with the previous rates of our consultants so that you know we are not charging you more than the current market rates. 

Research, design and delivery 

Scoping study to support a bamboo supply chain in Kachin and Kayin States in Myanmar, Livelihoods and Food Security Fund (LIFT). April-July 2020. Client: UNOPS

Market Systems Development partnership design advisory services for the USAID-funded Agriculture and Food Systems Activity in Myanmar. June-August 2020. Client: ACDI-VOCA

Market systems development fund advisory services for the USAID-funded Agriculture and Food Systems Activity in Myanmar. April-May 2020. Client: ACDI-VOCA

Seed and feed value chain analysis, market systems analysis and strategy 
design for the USAID-funded market systems Small-Scale Aquaculture Investments for Livelihoods and Nutrition in Myanmar. January-March 2020. Client: WorldFish

Scoping Study for the USAID-funded market systems Small-Scale Aquaculture Investments for Livelihoods and Nutrition in Myanmar. Nov 2019-January 2020. Client: WorldFish

Market research for the the Livelihoods and Food Security Fund (LIFT) funded Care-Aung Myin Hmu Skills Component. February-March 2020. Client: Care International in Myanmar

Strategic Business Planning for the Livelihoods and Food Security Fund (LIFT) funded Care-Aung Myin Hmu Skills Component. Nov 2019- March 2020. Client: Care International in Myanmar

Leadership, design and implementation of the DFID-funded Business Innovation Facility a 5.5-year Market Systems Development (MSD)  facility to transform the garment, tourism and bamboo sectors in Myanmar. Sept 2014-Oct  2019. Client: PwC

Design of a partnership intervention for the DFID-funded Work Opportunities for Women to create higher return job through productivity improvement and increased pay transparency in the garment manufacturing sector in Myanmar, Nov 2019 - February 2020. Client: PwC

Bamboo Feasibility Study for the ADB-managed Economic Empowerment of the Poor and Women in the East-West Economic Corridor Project  funded by the Japanese Fund for Povert Reduction West Corridor . Jan-Aril 2017. Client: OIDCI

Ag-tech study for the MFAT funded Rakhine Winter Crop Project to create a sustainability strategy that could deliver impact at scale for the adoption of Good Agriculture Practice (GAP). Jan-March 2019. Client: Catalpa International

Consulting Services for the DFAT Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Plus Programme Tender, August 2018. Client: Palladium

Scoping study and market systems analysis of the coffee, melon, avocado, ginger, garlic, turmeric and sesame sectors in Shan state and Mandalay Region, January-February 2019. Client: Cardno Emerging Market

Stakeholder mapping and constraint analysis of the dairy sector in Myanmar, June-July 2019. Client:  private

Myanmar Garment Industry Conference - November 2014 
Myanmar Garment Industry Conference - May 2015
Myanmar Garment Buyers Forum - May 2018
Community and Tourism in Myanmar - May 2018 
Myanmar Global Investment Forum-  Sept 2018
World Bamboo Day in Myanmar - Sept 2018
Community and Tourism in Myanmar - June 2019 
Bamboo Learning and Exchange Platform - Sept 2019
Myanmar Garment Industry - People Group - Jan 2019-on going 
Study Tours 
China Bamboo Industry Study Tour June 2018
Thailand Elephant and Tourism Study Tour Dec 2018 
China Bamboo Industry Study Tour April 2019 
Indonesia Bamboo Study Tour December 2018

Our Management Team  

Sebastien is the Founder, Principal Consultant & Director of Asper. He brings 20 years of experience working on private sector development, ecosystem services and community empowerment in over 20 countries. Sebastien is a versatile consultant and a two-time DFID Team Leader. He has a solid track record designing and managing sustainable and scalable solutions to the most complex development problems using systems thinking and facilitation. Sebastien speaks French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Siti Ichsan 
Siti is a Senior Consultant with Asper. She is a Market Systems Development specialist with extensive experience in South East Asia. Siti brings over 15 years of participatory design and programme management. She has experience in the agribusiness and tourism sector. Siti speaks English, Dutch, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai. 
Valerie Fuchs  
Valerie is Asper's Quality and Compliance Manager. She has over 15 years of experience in Monitoring, Evaluation &  Learning, analytics and programme management in complex settings. Valerie has worked in the private sector, for non-for profit organisations as well as the United Nations. Valerie is a native French and German speaker. She also speaks English and Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia.
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