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Systemic change 

Asper support policy makers, practitioners and innovators to apply systems thinking and design theory to their work. 


Systems thinking principles come from the systems theory which is the interdisciplinary study of systems. Using systems theory helps us analyse complex interrelated and interdependent parts of a system that is either natural or man made. Systems thinking is key to understanding the root causes of a problem. It helps us understand the skills, knowledge and behaviour that need to be changed to create sustainable changes at scale. 


Put simply, systemic change is all about understanding what is going on by taking a scientific, environmental and social approach and making it better. 


Inclusive business

Asper support social entrepreneurs, private companies and impact investors in designing and scaling up inclusive business solution. 

Inclusive businesses are sustainable businesses that benefits low-income people and communities. It is a business initiative that, keeping its for-profit nature, contribute to poverty reduction through the inclusion of low income communities in its value chain or consumers base. 

In simple world inclusive business is all about including the poor in the business process be it as producers or consumers. 


Circular Economy

Asper provide bespoke services to companies and organisations to design, implement and measure innovative systems and processes based on the circular economy principles. 


Circularity is an economic system thought and designed aims at eliminating waste and promoting the continual use of ressources. We believe circularity is an imperative in a world of finite ressources. Circularity systems cannot be reduced to reuse, refurbish and recycle. It aims to completely rethink the way we design, consume and impact our environment. 


In simple worlds, circularity is all about re-inventing economic principles to adapt to the challenges of the XXI century. 






Market Research & advisory


Market Systems Development


Private sector development


Sustainability & climate change 


 Coaching & mentoring  


Partnerships & Facilitation


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  • Food security, agriculture and rural development

  • Climate and Natural Resource Management

  • Sustainable and responsible tourism

  • Textile and garment

      Where we work  

Asper predominantly works in Myanmar. We are also available to deploy anywhere in South-East Asia, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. However,  we like to keep our carbon foot print low and build on our local and regional expertise so we prefer to work in Myanmar and other ASEAN countries. 


Reach out to us if you want to find out how we can service your organisation to fulfil your vision.  


We operate in English, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia and the Myanmar language. 


Understanding the context, the people and the culture is the starting point of all work.  We apply the Do No Harm principle in all aspects of our service cycle.


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Make the Most of It

Leverage Asper's knowledge and expertise to create innovative models, systemic changes or find out what your business model could look like applying the inclusive and circular economy principles. 
Turn your dreams and ideas into concrete plans, train to pitch your idea and secure ressources to press on. 
From origination to funding Asper can help you make the most of the growing opportunities in market systems, impact investing and development finance.  


Asper's approach  

We aim to promote South-South Cooperation as a way to empower professionals in emerging and frontier economies. Our team of experts and consultant can help you develop ideas, strategies and plans to foster your vision and success.    

The Best Way to Go Inclusive &
 Catch the Eye of  Investors 

Trust Asper to equip your organisation with soft, technical and innovative solutions and let you focus on the next big thing.

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